Free healthcare means freedom

Photo by Online Marketing on Unsplash

Healthcare is being used as a tool to enslave people. Ask yourself this. Are you working in a job you don’t like, with people who don’t like you because you need healthcare? Free healthcare will give you the freedom to get that fantasy job. If you want to work in a small bookshop you can, because you don’t have to worry about healthcare.

Companies use healthcare to keep their employees tied to a job. It is a means of control and manipulation. Republicans do not want universal healthcare because they are tied to big business, and if employees have free healthcare they will probably quit, and do something that makes them happy. And we can’t have that!


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Karina Holosko

Karina Holosko

M.A., Society of Professional Journalists, National Writers Union, Animal Rights Activist, Survivor. Kick-Ass, sculptor