Joseph John Holosko Obituary: Write an obituary for a Loved one for Xmas!

Joseph John Holosko, Camille, Alissa Paulk

It occurred to me that if you are not searchable online it’s like you never existed. When my father died in 1994 my brothers refused to publish an official obituary. They did not love him. But over the years his ghost has been bugging me for something. Took me 30 years to figure it out. (I am not the brightest bulb on the block.) The most important thing to my father was to leave a memory. His mantra was, “I want to leave you something to remember me by”.

His sons tried to erase him and I won’t let that happen. You don’t have to accept an erased relative or loved one. I think that anyone who has a grandmother or great great grandfather that did not have an obituary published in a newspaper should remedy that so they are not lost. Here’s mine. It will cost you about $150.00 to $200.00 for a small local paper. And… it can be any paper anywhere. The only thing that matters is that it has an online presence.

Joseph John Holosko, Joe Holosko

Joseph John Holosko b: April 20h 1916,- Miss. Ontario April 3, 1994/ 78yrs. Joe moved to Roundhill, Alb. Parents: John Holosko/Francis Kryshk from Ukraine/ Poland. Raised in Drumheller/sister Stella Staley and brother Emil. His father was a coal miner, & mother (a suffragette) worked at the Hudson Bay Co. Joe was a great violinist & composer, trained by G. Garbovitsky of Cal. Symphony. Went to Teacher’s College during the great depression. In WWII- Aeronautical Engineer. May 5, 1947, m. Mary Klochko- she struggled with mental illness. Worked as a sales engineer for Xerox Co. At 55 yrs, Joe got his B.A. He volunteered (18 yrs) conductor/ Mathew Popowich Choir. Joe was a Renaissance man, a life-long student. He loved the Ontario Science Center. Favorite mags; Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, Prevention. Favorite T.V.; Wild Wild World of Animals, Three’s Company. Loved sauerkraut perogies and short ribs. Survived by the only daughter he raised, Karina Ann-Francis Holosko, the apple of his baby blue eyes — 3 sons. Joe will be remembered for his sacrifice, kindness, curiously, love of animals, and learning. For 20 yrs Joe played Santa for hundreds of children. . At night, he loved to find the Big Dipper in the stars and make shadow puppets to entertain his daughter when she couldn’t sleep. In the day, he’d look up to the sky and find shapes in the clouds.

P.S. My father was a handyman on steroids. There was no project too big or too small. From changing the plumbing to painting the house, laying new roofing. He even made a stain glass lamp but the piece de resistance the last thing he made was a grandfather clock. You read that right. My father built me a grandfather clock by scratch from his own hand and I remember we usep the lathe together to make the pillars. He put my name on a plaque on the back. To Karina from your father/ That clock was his legacy to me. For “something to remember him by,” his quote for the last decade of his life. He repeated it over and over to make sure I heard.

Dad, I will always remember and so will generations of your seed. You can rest now. You can take you wife and rest Dad.

Love Karina

M.A., Society of Professional Journalists, National Writers Union, Animal Rights Activist, Survivor. Kick-Ass, sculptor

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Karina Holosko

M.A., Society of Professional Journalists, National Writers Union, Animal Rights Activist, Survivor. Kick-Ass, sculptor