Trump Statue Propaganda

Karina Holosko
5 min readJun 11, 2021

Dictators all over the world will agree. The best way to brand oneself as a dictator is to align yourself with God, become a King and savior to your people. The second most important thing you need to become a Dictator is a haircut. All dictators and dictator wannabe’s go to the same barber. Kim Jong Un, comes to mind, and of course Boris Johnson. Trump is no exception, and his hair flowed freely at the CPAC meeting atop a gold sculpture of the man himself. But it’s not funny. The statue has a sinister message and foretells a time where Americans will become one under dictator Trump. And we should be afraid. We should be very afraid. Mia Angelou said, “when they till you who they are the first time believe them.” How many times has the GOP party been told? Enough to become the GOPQ party under dictator Trump, complete with a statue of their great leader.

Ironically, for all the screaming and ranting about the radical left and how we are scary socialists, nothing defines a communist regime more than a gold statue of a leader. I have broken down the Semiology or hidden messages in the sculpture of Donald Trump, which shows why he is so dangerous. Dictatorships need a brand, and this sculpture, in all its surreptitious nature and messaging, tells us all we need to know.

Let’s start with the obvious. The sculpture is made of gold. Gold is the symbol of wealth; gold is desired coveted fought for. Entire populations and countries have been tortured and murdered for gold. Wars have been fought. Our entire evolutionary path has been shaped by gold. But Trump is not wearing gold. He IS gold. The message? He is the golden goose, and it is from him that all wealth springs. We cannot make our own. We are of no consequence. Individuality and courage are not valued; independence is not valued. In fact, we will never have any wealth of our own. We can only be close to it, protect it, and bow to the man that embodies it. And because gold is his body giving it away to anyone would literally require he cut off a piece of himself, and that will never happen. Greed. Check.

Life size gold Trump Statue


Let’s start with the feet. He is wearing sandals. They could symbolize the sandals that Christ wore. This will appeal to the people that think Trump is the second coming. The sandals’ style fixes us historically in a time of Julius Caesar, the great dictator. Check out his doo. What did I say about dictators and their haircuts? This infers that Trump has been with us for many incarnations, which makes him other than human.

Notice the red bands; red is the color of blood and suggests that the person wearing these sandals has been to war and is a warrior. Further, they are elevated. He is not walking on the ground. He is not humble. The sandals are lifting him up from the ground. They also place him in a hot climate. Has Florida become his fiefdom? Will he rule in sandals, shorts, and a golf cart?


The American flag does not flow proudly next to him. It is not something to be respected and loved. No, the flag is merely material which has been made into boxers-underwear, and the American flag is what he wears on his ass, keeps his junk dry on which he farts, a trophy he wears underneath his clothes. It is beneath him because he has conquered the symbolism of the American flag. Now he can start over and create his own country. The flag means nothing to him.


This is the classic Trump brand of the businessman. That’s how he wants to define his skills. But how many people know what a “businessman” really means. It is a person that defines everything according to the lowest denominator money. If you can make more money blowing up a rainforest, then you blow up the rainforest. That is a business decision. If you can make money poisoning water that causes cancer and kills people, you do it. I personally think the word businessman is not something anyone should strive to become or to be admired. Businessmen like this have no place in the future of the world in which we are supposed to be caretakers of the planet, not takers.

The Wand

In his right hand, there is a wand. Wands and magic go together so Trump can make magic. Notice the tip? It is a five-pointed star, the same type found on the American Flag. Trump carries the star. The stars represent states, so Trump rules the states. They are no longer individualized. They are now under one umbrella, one state. Trump. Make no mistake, this says that Trump wants to do away with the United States and put them all under one umbrella and rule them at his will, to do whatever he wants whenever he wants and takes anything that suits his fancy. In order for a dictatorship to thrive Trump must take complete control of the entire country. And then who needs the vote? Scary stuff. Moving on.

His Right Hand

In his right hand is… yep, you guessed it. The American Constitution. Trump has literally ripped the original pages from the document and has the whole thing in his hand. Message? That constitution is irrelevant now. He will decide what is constitutional by writing a new one. He will keep the original copy of the United States constitution on his person so that no one will ever see it again. Are you scared yet? You should be. That one statue says everything you need to know about the values the GOPQ party worships.

The Big Head

This is the element that makes the entire sculpture comic bookish. A parody of itself. If I saw this on the street, I would conclude that someone is making fun of Trump. But that’s not what is going on. Is he a cartoon, or is it because he is something other than human, his body is different than ours? Is his head large because he is so smart, his brain is bigger? There is no mistake that this big head appeals to a target audience that is comfortable with a fast-food mascot with a large head. There is built-in comfort. He’s also a king, and they both eat burgers.


The Evangelist base has been one of the strongest supporters of Trump. There is one symbol that everyone has drummed into their psyche, and that is the most famous image in the Old Testament found in the story of Moses — the man who God gave the 10 commandments, arguably one of the most influential figures in the bible. What do the people worship in the desert, what is the enemy of God and what is it that Moses must destroy? That would be…wait for it. The Golden calf the symbol of Christian sin, the pagan God. This sculpture is a blatant affront to the 10th commandment: Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image. Basically, Trump is the Golden Calf, the false idol in big bright lights. Yet this is precisely what is happening. They are so brainwashed they cannot follow their own commandment. They are knowingly and willingly worshiping a false idol, and according to the historical record, it didn’t turn out well for them. Let’s hope history repeats itself.

And that’s what scares me about the Trump statue.



Karina Holosko

M.A., Society of Professional Journalists, National Writers Union, Animal Rights Activist, Survivor. Kick-Ass, sculptor